About us

Our company was established in April 1991. We are a Czech company and since the beginning of our activity we have been dealing with measurement and control, as well as automation and technological process control in various industrial branches. Since 1995 we have been orienting particularly to water management in which we have implemented more than 300 projects of wastewater treatment plants, water purification plants, pumping stations and water reservoirs. In 2003, we supplied important components for a new hydraulic laboratory at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Brno University of Technology. Our activity has thus been extended to the measurement and control of non-electric quantities in the field of hydraulic research. Since then we have implemented multiple similar projects. These dealt with design, production and supply of pumping stations, hydraulic flumes and circuits which are used in hydraulic laboratories. Another important line of our business is supplies of automation and control for lime management such as lime-slaking and lime slurry preparation for desulfurisation and neutralization plants.

Hydraulic Flumes and Circuits

Our company supplies schools, universities and private companies with various types of fixed or tilting flumes the dimensions of which are not limited. Hydraulic flumes are always adapted to customer’s specific requirements and the conditions at the installation site. Flumes can be supplied with independent hydraulic circuits or connected to the customer’s existing hydraulic circuits.  Also the hydraulic circuits and pumping stations supplied by our company are adapted to the specific conditions at the installation site.

Measurement and Control

We use well-tried measurement and control equipment from renowned companies for the measurement and control of specific hydraulic circuits. We have wide experience from many implemented projects in the field of automation and control. For hydraulic circuits we use time control of flow rates, pressures, levels, inclinations of hydraulic flumes and other non-electric quantities. In the field of automation and visualization we work with a number of modern control systems which are very often equipped with touch panels.

Design, Production and Installation

In implementing orders, our team provides comprehensive solutions from design to delivery. Our team is comprised of specialists in the field of steel and building structures, as well as electrical and control equipment. Orders and design work in the field of hydraulic flumes and circuits are prepared by specialists in water structures and hydraulic physical research. The complicated hydraulic components of our implementations are assessed on hydraulic models in collaboration with the specialists from the Brno University of Technology. In production and delivery we cooperate with renowned companies.